3 New Instagram Tools to Help Businesses During COVID-19

3 New Instagram Tools to Help Businesses During COVID-19

Businesses have seen drastic and often devastating changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners, and those working to help market their businesses, are scrambling to keep up with the changing times. Many businesses, especially small ones, are having to rely on social media in ways they never have before. With frequent and swift changes in the way businesses can function, it’s vital to keep customers up to date.

Some businesses have been pushed to shut down completely while others are still open but through alternative ways. Without clear communication over social media, it can be difficult for customers to keep up with what their favorite businesses are offering and how to support them. Fortunately, social media platforms are adding features to make communication and marketing throughout COVID-19 just a little bit easier. Instagram has recently added stickers to boost social media outreach efforts while customers remain safe and healthy inside.

Gift Cards

Many businesses are in need of cash flow, especially those that are unable to stay open at all. Gift cards allow businesses to have immediate income while simultaneously encouraging people to visit their business post-pandemic. Instagram stories now have a sticker option where viewers can click through to buy a gift card right from their site!

Food Orders

Instagram has created a story sticker specifically for restaurants that have been able to remain open for takeout and delivery. Similar to the gift card sticker, the food order sticker can be clicked through to bring customers to the restaurant’s ordering platform.


Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are closed altogether. They are experiencing a devastating loss in sales and need their loyal fans to help them out a bit. Unlike the other two sticker functions, fundraiser stickers will redirect users to the Facebook fundraiser page for that business. A Facebook fundraiser will have to be up and running to utilize this option!

Times are hard and creative, clear marketing is a must. Many people are seeking out local businesses looking for how to best support them through this. With face to face interaction at a halt, social media platforms like Instagram are doing their best to give businesses the extra tools they need to survive. These new story stickers are a quick and easy way to keep the community engaged. With so much time spent quarantined on the couch scrolling through Instagram these days, they’re sure to be a hit!

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