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We help local businesses grow

Olive and Milo is a digital marketing agency that focuses on social media.  We offer social media services such as consulting, strategy, management, and measurement. We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for businesses of all sizes. We strive to help business owners find their creative voice and tell their story.

We get you noticed

We’re passionate about helping your business find a creative voice. We champion brands and bring them into the spotlight by building strategic roadmaps, telling your story via social media, and delivering the right customers to you.

We build relationships

We believe in taking a hands-on approach to our social media management by building relationships with fans, followers, consumers and other brands. Our company strives to help local business owners maintain an online presence to ensure that your target market will always find you.

Save time

Your time is valuable. Let us save you time by building your social brand for you, so you can keep doing what you do best – running your business.

Get new customers

We get you noticed. With our strategic roadmap, we proudly drive real, organic traffic to your business.

Maintain your online presence

Our goal is to grow your social media presence with quality content, daily engagement, and a bigger audience – all while staying true to your brand.

Managing your social media is a full-time job. We’ll save you time by doing it for you.

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