Essential Instagram Hacks For Brands

Essential Instagram Hacks For Brands

It’s clear that Instagram is not just for personal use anymore. Instagram has become a platform for start-up businesses and brands to showcase their products and keep their audience engaged and inspired. Instagram hacks provide brands quick and effective ways to keep themselves distinctive from other brands through digital marketing. Hacks include customizing your profile page, creating unique Instagram stories, and managing your online presence. Let’s walk you through some hacks that may help your brand stand out from the rest.

Add Special Characters to Your Bio, Name, or Captions

Instagram influencers so quickly rack up followers and attention through their appealing aesthetic on their page. The flow, the content, and the uniqueness of each aspect of the page is what makes them stand out. Have you ever seen unique fonts or symbols in one’s Instagram story or bio? These are called Unicode symbols. Many Instagram influencers have special symbols that represent their page whether it be zodiac signs, arrows, mountains, and more.

Special characters and fonts can help your brand too. They will make your profile stand out from another brand that is marketing a similar product because of the uniqueness and freshness of something other than an emoji or classic font.


Three step process to changing your bio font

1. Open up an Instagram font generator like Fonts for Instagram or a generator that gives you access to symbol customization.
2. Type in words you would like to convert to unique fonts or characters.
3. Copy the generated symbols and post in your bio, caption, or name!

Add Accounts & Hashtags to your bio

As a brand on Instagram, you likely have other handles that relate to your page. It’s essential to show all that your brand has to offer in an easily accessible manner. You can do so by presenting this information on your main account. Through linking accounts and hashtags, anyone who views your page can click on the hashtag or account and explore further. This is an ideal space for branded hashtags, links to podcasts, magazines, or other accounts.

Add Line Breaks to Your Bio

The first few seconds of viewing an Instagram page determine whether a viewer is going to stay on the page and see what it is all about. The aesthetic and the organization are what sparks inspiration in an Instagram user to engage and follow a brand. Adding line breaks in your bio eliminates clutter and presents all that you need to know about a brand in a clear and concise way.

Hide Your Hashtags in Your Caption

Including hashtags in your caption is vital for boosting engagement, but the clutter and messiness of 15+ hashtags can take away from the simplicity of a caption. The good news is there a simple solution to keeping hashtags present, but avoiding the messiness, they often bring to a caption. After you’ve written your caption on Instagram, you can add a series of dashes, asterisks, or dots, each on a separate line. This will shuffle your hashtags down and provide for a crisp and neat post.

Instagram has provided a whole new era for marketing. Instagram allows you to promote your brand in a creative yet professional way. With millions of people of all ages and backgrounds using Instagram, it is essential to continually improve and re-create your brand’s profile to stay fresh and appealing. Doing so ensures your best chance of engaging as many followers, customers, and opportunities as possible.

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