10 Reasons People Are Leaving Your Website

10 Reasons People Are Leaving Your Website

Did you know that it takes less than a second for your site to make an impression on someone, good or bad? People leaving your website straight away is bad news. Have you ever run a Facebook ad and noticed that your ad is doing great, people are clicking and engaging, but the second they get to your site they drop off? Or maybe you’ve taken a look at your Google Analytics and see that people are going to your site, then leaving right away. These results can be frustrating, and your website is often the face of your business. So, why are they leaving? Let’s find out!

1. It’s Outdated

Web pages have significantly evolved over the years. If your site is clearly outdated, that can be enough for someone to leave immediately. Having a modern website is a great way to show your audience that you are active…

2. It’s not mobile friendly

Mobile friendly sites are now far more common than desktop sites. The majority of your website views will come from a mobile platform. It’s a good idea to check your website from a variety of mobile devices to make sure it is responsive. Mobile speed is also an important factor, and this tool with help you test your site.

3. They can’t read it

Everyone aims to have an excellent design for their site; fun colors, engaging pictures, etc. But readability is extremely important. If your text is too small, if the colors are too bright, people won’t hang out for very long. Make sure your site is well designed while being legible.

4. It’s slow to load

In this day and age, nobody has the time or patience to wait for a website to load. To be exact, people don’t have more than just a few seconds. Studies show that if your site doesn’t load in under three seconds, over 50% of visitors are likely to leave. There can be many reasons your site is slow to load. For many, it’s because their images aren’t optimized for the web. Here is a great tool that tells you your site speed and what you can do to optimize it.

5. There are too many instant pop-ups

Pop-ups are often annoying, and not the most popular way of marketing like they used to be. They get in the way of the content your visitor is trying to read. Too many popups, too soon, can cause people to exit before they even have the chance to look. An appropriate pop-up used in moderation is all you need if any at all!

6. It’s hard to navigate

When people go to your website, they have a goal in mind. They either want to get more information, buy something, or get in touch. It’s difficult for them to navigate to their destination, they are much more likely to leave.

7. You use old technology

Does your website use Flash? Some website technology that was used a few years ago is now considered outdated and many devices or browsers no longer support it. If you use outdated technology, your website likely won’t even load for most visitors.

8. It’s not what they expected

A lot of times, people get to your site from a search engine. If your website content doesn’t deliver the same promise as your page title on Google, people will be quick to the back button and look for a better option.

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9. It lacks personality

People like to see the humans behind the business. If your site looks like anyone could have written it, the chance that you’ll have a high conversion rate is reduced. Add pictures, and put a face to the name. This is a great way to be more personable right off the bat.

10. Your Offer Isn’t Clear

You’re there to solve a problem, and if people can’t figure out how you can help, then you can’t count on them sticking around for very long. Studies show that it only takes ten seconds for people to decide what type of impression the site has made on them. Your visitors need a clear understanding of what your product/service is and what exactly they’re paying for.

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What are reasons you’ve left a site right away?

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