Twitter launches new 'Agencies Playbook' To Help Businesses Better Understand The Platform

Twitter launches new 'Agencies Playbook' To Help Businesses Better Understand The Platform

Each social platform wants to prove they are the best. They provide their audience with reasons as to why they are the best fit to market their brand. These statements may involve true facts or they may be overly eager statements as to why they are better than their competitors. Are these statements reliable or is their sole purpose to gain attention for their platform?

Twitter has created the ‘Agency Playbook’ in hopes of helping marketers best utilize the platform. This playbook includes claims such as:

Twitter is interest-based. People follow their friends and family, sure. But more often, they follow people who they find interesting – who talk about the topics, trends, news, memes, and events that are relevant to them. Because of this, Twitter doesn’t carry the social obligations that can create confusion on other platforms. People don’t “like” a Tweet because it is from their aunt or they used to work with the sender. They engage with a Tweet because they are genuinely interested in its topic. That’s what sets a Twitter “like” or “Retweet” or “follow” apart from similar gestures on other platforms. When a person follows you on Twitter, they have their attention and interest, not just their association.”

Some of this does hold some truth- Twitter is better known for aligning with your interests rather than a platform to follow your friends and family. Historically, Facebook has served as more of a “connect with people” platform rather than a “follow what you’re interested in” type of platform. Interest generates activity and activity will generate profit for brands. 

This playbook provides good tips and tricks to navigating the platform. As social media is constantly evolving, having a guide like this makes it easier for people to use the platform more efficiently. This can be especially beneficial for people who did not grow up surrounded by technology. Twitter can be an unfamiliar social platform and might be more difficult to navigate alone. With the assistance of the playbook, more marketers might be keen on using Twitter to promote their brands; this generates more business for Twitter as a platform.

This guide provides not only tools for navigating the platform but also provides tips on setting up your profile and utilizing your tweets. This not only helps people navigate the app but provides a guide to creating successful marketing strategies for your brands. Twitter has also gathered a wide range of statistics that help prove to marketers they are effective. The statistics also show what the marketers are paying for and what potential results could be for their type of advertisement. Additionally, this playbook includes a range of statistics based on past tweet performances.

Something important to consider with Twitter is that it provides its audience with a real-time aspect that a lot of other platforms don’t have. This real-time aspect allows the audience to feel a greater sense of involvement within the brand. People sign on to Twitter to see what is happening in the moment, which is another highly emphasized aspect of the playbook. No other platform has been able to provide the same level of “in the moment” and “real-time” information the way Twitter has. This is very important to keep in mind when considering your approach. Though we know that marketers are paying for a lot of the high levels of engagement we see on Twitter- it is possible to instill a level of organic attention within the platform. 

This playbook provides a plethora of tips, advice, statistics, and tools to ensure marketers get the most out of the platform by giving you the tools to do things such as maximize tweet performance and gain momentum in campaigns.  


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