4 Instagram Experiments Worth Trying in 2020

4 Instagram Experiments Worth Trying in 2020

Is your Instagram lacking engagement these days? Here are four Instagram experiments to consider to boost your performance.

#1 Partner with Micro-Influencers

A micro-influencer is someone who has between 1,000 and 10,000 followers and is considered an expert in their field. Since they have a relatively small and intimate following they are able to form a more trusting and genuine connection with their audience and generate more engagement than large influencers. Influencers with 1,000 followers generated 85% higher engagement than those having 100,000 followers, and as the number of followers increases the engagement tends to decrease.

Followers of micro-influencers look up to them and their opinions. If a micro-influencer is a proud supporter of your brand, their followers are more likely to find your brand credible and want to try it for themselves. 

#2 Share Outside Content

User-generated content (UGC) can serve as a successful way to connect with audiences. When someone in your audience sees UGC they are likely to feel a much greater sense of involvement and purpose within your business.  People innately have the desire to be a part of something. By factoring UGC into a brand you are providing people with a sense of place and belonging within your brand. It’s important to note that you must have permission from the content owner before you repurpose their photo or work. There are certain legal issues that must be taken into consideration before posting other people’s content.  

#3 Ditch Worries of Maintaining an “Aesthetic”

People don’t want perfect anymore, they want real. This phenomenon is commonly studied throughout millennials and Generation Z users, but it can easily be applied to local businesses. People know what a generic business Instagram account looks like (photos of products, happy customers, a nice shot of the door). Attempting to bring more unique content to your Instagram can help avoid the stereotypical Instagram look we are constantly subjected to throughout our lives. Instagram is forever evolving and we have to change with it. Don’t worry about the “perfect” Instagram. Instead, focus on showing what your brand is truly like.

#4 Go Behind the Scenes

Customers want to know where their products come from and the story behind them.  This type of content is more engaging, real,  and helps build trust in your company. Showing the people and stories behind a brand creates more trust in the relationship between your business and your audience. No closed doors and no unknowns; this fosters a greater long term relationship that will evidently help your business succeed more in the long run!


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