Why is storytelling so essential in the marketing world? 

Storytelling is one of the most important things to understand when marketing. It is a priority for engaging and communicating with consumers. Telling stories unites people through common understanding of this world. It is vital that marketers use storytelling as a tool to portray the vision for their brand. It can help define their target market, present their uniqueness from other brands and services, and draw consumers in. 

The digital age has shifted the way we view marketing. We have information at our fingertips and it becomes accessible at a rapid pace. Were surrounded by marketing- it’s on every website, every social media platform and is sometimes so inconspicuous, we don’t even know it’s there. Since consumers are so exposed, they rely on reviews for referrals. Consumers can compare cost, quality, and design as well as gather recommendations from other buyers. 

So how do you make your company stand out? Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for telling a story. Especially in a simple and visual way; photographs. When using Instagram, you can easily avoid the complexity of your product and vision. Now, you have to make your story worth the consumer’s attention. 

Here is what you need to know. 


Historical context and values:


 Why did you develop this brand and why is it important? 

A good marketing strategy is to be transparent about who is creating the product and where it comes from– this makes your company personable, even if the brand flourishes. 

For example, Ben and Jerry’s has a time-line on their website starting from 1978. This is attractive to consumers because it is authentic. On Instagram, this can be visually translated. Posting photos of the entrepreneurs, founders, or employees behind the scenes of a project is appealing. 

It is also appealing to clearly establish your values through Instagram posts. The make-up company, Glossier, values natural beauty. The brand quickly got attention from consumers because of their basic aesthetic that appears simple and clean just like the make-up they are selling. Their goal is to provide products that enhance natural features– contrary to most makeup brands that advertise complete coverage. They are telling a visual story. 


Your page should have harmony 


The photos should be in line with your brand’s personality. If you are selling children’s pajamas or exotic makeup, for example, the page should have a bright color scheme. If you are advertising winter clothing, the page should have photos that follow an earth tone color scheme. Consistency is key.

Have a mission statement to tell a deeper, more inspirational story

Many companies have an overall mission. L. Tampons donates a box of tampons to those in need for each product that is purchased. Their Instagram takes pride in this. They also post photos that are clearly inclusive of all races, body-types, and ages. Use Instagram as a way to project progressiveness. Know your value, know your mission.  


Captions are important! 


You can have long captions while also being very concise. Or keep them short. It does not matter. Just don’t stray away from having a caption, and make sure they are consistent with your images– context is very important! 

 Remember, people love to have emotional connections. Revitalize your Instagram. Make it meaningful. Make it unique. 

Want to learn more? Watch this webinar, featuring our CEO, Sophia Rabe, as she discusses the importance of storytelling in content marketing.

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