The 3 Best Ways to Nurture Your Relationship with Influencers

The 3 Best Ways to Nurture Your Relationship with Influencers

Micro-influencers have made their way to be one of the top approaches to marketing new products and services. They are able to capture the attention of their audience just from sharing their ideas and recommendations on their latest favorite trends on the market. In a recent blog post we talked about what a micro-influence is, but today, we have compiled some tips and tricks so you can make the most of the influencer you choose to represent your business or organization.


Be open about your brand-influencer partnership. In the beginning, this form of media marketing was not openly shared. Influencers would post about a product or service without disclosing that they were being paid to publish the content. An example of an influencer disclosure could be as simple as a hashtag – #ad, #sponsored, #partnership, #paid. Working together on sponsored content can be an experience both parties benefit from, as long as the posts state their marketing purpose.

Be sure to check the posts once they have been published for a disclosing statement! Sometimes influencers don’t put the disclosure, even when they have said they would.

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Branch out from Insta!

Consider other platforms to collaborate with influencers for promotional branding. Yes, influencers are active on the media-sharing social network, Instagram – but the more the merrier! Studies show that over 40% of influencers use Snapchat and Twitter, and over 70% use Facebook. Other leading platforms include Youtube and Pinterest.

Side note: Pinterest is becoming its own world of influencer marketing! Pinfluencers cater to a distinct target audience that spends their time blogging about their styles and passions, rather than scrolling through a newsfeed of shared pictures and videos.

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Build a relationship with your partner!

Prove to your influencers that their words are a significant factor in promoting your brand. Influencers will feel inclined to show their loyalty when they feel that their efforts are being appreciated and making a positive impact. Invest time to show you care and your influencer is sure to reciprocate with enthusiasm on their next promotional post! You want your influencer to be motivated to advertise your brand because they feel valued by your brand, not just for money.  

Finding an influencer can be a tricky process with communication and negotiation. Brands struggle to get in contact with the influencers, besides on the influencer’s esteemed social network. If you’re looking for a partnership, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation.  Having worked with hundreds of influencers – your brand is sure to find the right fit.

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