Best Practices for Creating Fun and Engaging Lead Generation Quizzes

Best Practices for Creating Fun and Engaging Lead Generation Quizzes

Everywhere you turn on the internet, you can find a quiz to take for just about anything. These fun and engaging quizzes can range in topics from one such as “Fill A Swimming Pool With Food And We’ll Tell You Your Best Quality”, to “Can You Guess Which Foods These Cooking Fails Were Supposed To Be?” Truly, there’s a quiz out there that can tell you anything with any random tidbit of information.

Quizzes are fun, and they’re a great tool that can be used to grow an audience. People love quizzes, and they’re eager to know their results, and often they don’t mind jumping through a few hoops to get them.

Interact is a website that allows you to create and integrate quizzes into your website or lead funnel, and it is an extremely valuable tool in generating leads for your email list.

The important part of a quiz is that it’s engaging and related to your subject matter. There are a few steps to follow in structuring your quiz to ensure this:

Subject and title

  • It’s important to have a title that grabs someone’s interest, to make sure they actually click on your quiz. The structure of your title is very important because it’s what really draws people in. There are different types of quizzes, such as personality, multiple choice, and scored quizzes. The structures of these quizzes will vary, and you can decide which one suits your audience best. With a snappy title and a strong cover image, you are ready to move on to the questions of the quiz.


  • You should write your questions as if you’re sitting down with the person taking a quiz. Make them personal questions, not overarching general questions that won’t provide very good insight.
  • Since you’re writing the quiz, use your expertise. You are an expert in this field, and you want people to know about that. So don’t be afraid to show your expertise in the area to strengthen up your quiz.
  • Quizzes are supposed to be fun before anything else. That is why it’s important to write a short quiz, with between 7 to 10 questions, which will ensure that quiz takers don’t get bored during the process.
  • Finally, use images to your advantage. People like photos, and often they can make it easier for people to select an answer. Humans are very visual creatures, they like to see images so using them in your quiz answers can be more fun for those taking the quiz.

Opt-in Option

  • Here is where you generate your leads: by giving people the chance to opt-in, before they see their results. Tell them they’ll get their results right after they enter their information.
  • Only ask for the information that’s absolutely necessary, such as the person’s first name and email address. Asking for too much information can make people nervous, so it’s best to stick to the minimum if possible.
  • Although you are using this quiz to generate leads, give people the chance to skip entering their email. There is no sense in having someone enter their email if they are just going to unsubscribe right away. You want to give them the chance to choose what they want, instead of feeling pressured to enter information if they’re really not interested.


  • Finally, the part we’ve all been waiting for! For your results, it is best to start with a strong sentence that answers the question in the title of the quiz. This one sentence makes a good post for people to share, thus they are more likely to share their responses with people in their social spheres and generate more leads for your quiz.
  • Use an image for each different result. Again, people like images, so they will like having a picture to associate with their result.
  • Write a short description of each result. It should be a few sentences, between 3 and 5, and it should be a positive description so that the quiz taker feels good about their result.
  • Since you are generating leads for your site, you should include a relevant link to your website that has to do with the result of the quiz.
  • Finally, you should give the opportunity to share on a variety of social media. If people are sharing their responses, their friends will see and hopefully partake in the quiz too!


If you are searching for even more detail, you can check out this blog post from the folks at Interact for the best quiz guide you could ask for. We hope you find this tool to be as valuable for your business as we do here at Olive and Milo!  Happy quizzing!


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