Instagram Live Desktop Accessibility

Instagram Live Desktop Accessibility

COVID-19 has left the world relying on technology more than ever. While stuck inside, the internet has become the place to turn to for just about everything. Instagram has responded to this shift by expanding its Instagram Live streams to be desktop computer friendly, thus making streams more easily promoted and accessed.

Pre COVID-19, Instagram Live was available to watch only in the mobile app. When tuning into live streams on the app, comments from viewers scroll across the stream. When there are various viewers commenting this can be quite distracting. The new desktop viewing option shows the video and comments side by side, leaving the video image uninterrupted and making comments less distracting.

Desktop viewing not only solves the issue of outside comments distracting from the streamer, but it also increases the number of people able to utilize the function. For people less familiar with mobile devices and apps, this is a much simpler and easy to use option. Additionally, the stream is naturally much larger and easier to read when accessed on a desktop computer.

Instagram Live can be much more widely promoted with the desktop option as well. Within the Instagram mobile app, the only way to view a stream is to see them pop up at the top of the Instagram feed, access them where Stories appear, or to receive a link through Instagram DMs. Now, viewers don’t even have to be on the app to hear about an upcoming Instagram Live. Streaming on the desktop means URL’s can be sent around to friends via messaging and promoted on various other platforms!

It’s a bit early to say, but this has the potential to cause an enormous increase in the number of viewers of Instagram Live streams. This is wonderful news for those relying on things like live shopping events, cooking demos, musical performances, and workout classes to get through the days of staying home and staying safe.



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