Increase Exposure with Instagram Location Stories

Increase Exposure with Instagram Location Stories

Instagram location stories are a great way to increase brand awareness and bring exposure to your Instagram account. Local exposure is extremely beneficial to brands who have brick-and-mortar locations and those trying to target a specific area. Providing the name of your exact location within social media makes your business more easily discoverable by users because the specific location stickers pull your story into the shared local “Explore” story. 

There are two types of specific location stickers you can use. The first is a location sticker that tags your address or the physical location of your story. This can be extremely beneficial for a business that is looking to get greater attention and activity in their city. If people see an exact name or address for a business they’re interested in it’ll be much easier for them to access the business. The second is a more uncommon variation of the location sticker-city-specific stickers that show up based on your location. Adding sticker locations to your story is painless. Here is how to do it:

  1. Capture your content
  2. Click on the “sticker” icon (the little smiley face in the upper right.)
  3. Click on the “location” sticker or the specific city sticker if there is one
  4. The sticker will pop up on your screen. You’ll be able to tap and customize it from there.

Below are some ideas to effectively utilize location story stickers. 

1. Tag at Events

Followers love seeing any behind the scenes action. Take advantage of this opportunity to show footage of what happens at these industry events. If you post early enough you may even attract more attendees. 

2. Highlight Local Happenings

Highlighting local events and things happening in your neighborhood is especially beneficial for local businesses. This not only connects you to your local audience and brings more visibility to your brand.  Be involved with your community and post about it!

3. Tag Your Specific Location

It is important to remember to create your own Instagram stories for your business too. It is beneficial to use a combination of tagging your exact location with a fun location sticker or a local hashtag. This will get you seen in local stories and also make your physical location easier to find for any potential customers. 

4. Be Interactive

Consider using location stickers in combination with stickers that allow viewers to reply with questions or comments.  This will allow for viewers that find you through location stickers to ask further questions to get to know you and your brand. This streamlines any “What are your hours?” or “Do you offer curbside?” type questions. 

5. Connect with the Community

Viewing other stories posted on your location can be very advantageous to your brand. You can reply to stories in that location by using direct messages. In addition to targeting your direct audience, engaging with other stories increases brand awareness. 



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