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  1. Hey, I really enjoyed reading your post. This post is different from other posts that I have read on the internet. Social Media is a great platform to share your thoughts with the world. But your social media presence cannot be improved without having followers. If we take an example of Instagram which is a famous social media channel then there are the numbers of ways by which you can improve your followers.

    1) Focus on the content. Post the content according to the need of your targeted audience. Provide them an engaging and informative content. Use you can use images and video to make your content attractive and catchy.

    2) Use of hashtags is important because it increases the visibility of the content. The more visible your content is, the more chances are you’ll increase your followers. Try to add at least 10-15 hashtags. Use hashtgify to generate hashtags.

    3) Run giveaway contest. Ask the visitors to perform the different action like “follow your page or profile or like your post” to become the part of the contest

    4) Promote your content on other social media platforms. Join different groups or communities to share your content

    5) Use of the paid ads

    6) Buy Instagram followers from ( I have good experience with them that’s why I recommend you buy from them. They increase real Instagram followers

    7) Work on Influence marketing. Visit your competitor’s page and learn from them. Improve your mistake and try to make your content better.

    These are some strategies to get followers on social media platforms. It is also necessary to retain your followers. And tips mentioned in this post are really helpful in retaining your followers. I’ll implement those tips that I have learned from this post. Thanks for this informative post.

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