The Art of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

The Art of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

Storytelling raises brand awareness and attracts new followers. Your story is how your company or organization will be remembered by your customer base. 

People connect with people, not brands. Show your followers the human side of your brand by sharing what you’re doing, learning, and even a look behind the scenes. Giving your followers an inside scoop on how the magic happens will develop a stronger connection for them to feel loyal to the product or service you offer. Don’t share too many personal details – it’s not your brand’s journal. A sneak peek at a new product release, or a short explanation of your production process would prove to your followers that you want them to know what goes on with your brand! 

Follower engagement increases greatly from personal experiences. Part of your brand’s story is the consumers who have invested in your product or service. Sharing a consumer’s latest participation in your business will provide evidence that your brand offers something desirable on the market. 

If you have a longer story or experience to tell, share it in consecutive posts. This will give viewers a reason to check your brand’s social media updates for the next post to continue the story. 

Another aspect of stories that people love – drama. Including conflict makes telling the story more compelling to your audience by incentivizing them to finish the story and find out what the brand’s resolution was to that conflict. Draw your readers in with worthy excitement and dynamics that are involved in the business of marketing. 

If you are struggling to decipher what content will be most pleasing to your audience, evaluate your brand’s history with customer personas. Collecting data on the traits of consumers that currently interact with your brand will help you decide what stories will attract your target audience base. A local business that produces handmade products, for example, would benefit from telling a story about a community member that had a positive experience with that brand. Including a quote from that consumer can’t hurt either! 

A unique brand story takes place on multiple platforms when telling it through social media. Cross-platform sharing will help build your community of consumers that engage with your brand. The followers, clicks, and likes all work together to create an image of your brand’s pages.

When you tell a story, take advantage of the opportunity to advocate for your brand’s values. Whether it be a non-profit that donates to an impoverished community or a practice that will help protect the environment; followers want to know what your brand cares about. 

Deliver to your followers a story that brings together your brand’s objective, values, and voice. 

Want to learn more? Watch this webinar, featuring our CEO, Sophia Rabe, as she discusses the importance of storytelling in content marketing.

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