6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Be On Social Media

6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Be On Social Media

Businesses of all sizes are considering where to spend their marketing dollars, and lately, much of that consideration has been put towards digital strategies. When working with a limited marketing budget, it’s vital to spend wisely and get a positive return on investment.

In 2019, 97% of businesses are using social media to reach their audience because it’s one of the most cost-effective and versatile strategies that can be put in place. What about social media marketing makes it so great, though? Here are our top 6 reasons why businesses should be on social media.

Your Customers Are There

The older generations can no longer say that it is just Millennials that are wrapped up in social media use. Although Millennials may be more tech-savvy, social media use has become prominent amongst all age groups. It plays a significant role in how people interact with each other, how people express their passions, and how businesses and brands get their feet off the ground. If everybody is doing it, that is where the market is!

The Prominence of Branding

social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide people with the opportunity to brand themselves. Branding through these platforms provides a more friendly experience for both the businesses and the customers. If a customer is a part of a facebook group or community a company has built for themselves through the media, they are more likely to feel comfortable with purchasing a product.

Social Media Provides People With Community

People love to feel like they are apart of something. The attraction to social media for many people is the ability to build a community through multiple different platforms. For brands, it is the ideal space to build a following of people who support and enjoy the concept of their business. Social media makes it easy to build and grow an online brand through constant creativity, collaboration, and engagement.

Expands Customer Base Quicker

The ability to post within seconds is a characteristic unique to social media. Digital marketing makes it possible to reach and connect with people faster than old fashioned sales can. The ability to continually comment on potential and current customers posts provides a consistent and robust base of engagement for a business.

A Free Way to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Organic social media is a free way to market your brand. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts can attract thousands of people to your product without spending money on advertisements. It is pretty likely your biggest competitor is going to be marketing their brand on social media. If your competitors are not on social media, that just provides you with thousands of more potential customers than them!

The Ability To Sell Products on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook provides a quick and simple step to be able to embed a shop code onto your page. You can now do this on Instagram as well. Being able to browse on these platforms, click on a product, and make a purchase without getting sent to a new website is the kind of convenience only social media can provide. Convenience is one of the critical factors in people continuing to purchase the same product.

Social media is no longer the future of our generation, it is dominating the present. If you’re interested in a free consultation for your business, we’d love to chat! Reach out and schedule, today!

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